Builder testimonial: How James changed his way of estimating

…it was a ‘Eureka!’ moment when I could see that EstimatorXpress does things very similarly to what I do but in a fraction of the time (I know it will be much faster soon as I have only just started using the software and haven’t yet started using the Quick Quote). EstimatorXpress also automatically takes into consideration things that I may overlook or may not even consider, so I thoroughly interrogated the software and because it came out in the same ballpark as I was expecting so I have a lot of confidence in the numbers.

Should you charge customers for your building quote?

Here’s a snapshot of reactions from our own research and forums and articles across the internet on the subject of building quotes and whether it is OK to charge the customer for them. We haven’t come across a recommendation from the FMB or a suggestion for homeowners by the consumer magazine Which! And that’s no surprise really as there are so many variables to be taken into account.

EstimatorXpress – the estimating software designed for estimating teams

EstimatorXpress 2017 Enterprise edition provides a range of essential collaboration tools for estimating departments. The powerful Manager & Collaborator feature set, synchronises company “settings” to ensure everyone in the team is using latest Price Books, Specifications, Quote settings, and any customisation of Workbooks (estimating calculators) and more. It also allows estimators to save their work to either Server or the Cloud from where other team members can locate an estimate and collaborate on it before saving it back to the same location.