Introducing the 4-minute estimate – the fastest route to accurate estimating – ever!

Forget what you’ve ever known about estimating software for builders, forget any pre-conceptions about complexity and time-spent doing it…

History has just been rewritten. You see, we know there are times when you just want to be able to pull together an accurate quote LIGHTNING FAST.

The customer’s request is a standard extension but you don’t want to hazard a guess or give them a single A4 sheet. It doesn’t always win you the work. And if it does then it doesn’t always make you good money.

So how about a program that gives you an accurate quote for an extension (in detail – yes detail!) in FOUR MINUTES (and renovation work in less than four minutes)!?

Introducing QUICK QUOTE from HBXL, the producers of award-winning EstimatorXpress. A program that does what it says on the tin.

If you’re already sold then give the guys a call on 0117 916 7898 to have a chat, find out about any special introductory offers and to arrange a free test drive.

Or read on.


How to use QUICK QUOTE in four easy stages…

  1. Choose your project from nearly 60+ project templates with endless permutations of roofs, wall finishes, floors and internal fitting out.
  2. Tweak the dimensions
  3. Scroll down just ONE PAGE using drop-down listings as you go to select the relevant type of wall, roof etc – clicking here and altering dimensions there.
  4. Then press the button to produce the quote. Done.

The speed and simplicity is no exaggeration – as this four-minute video prove.

Note at 4 minutes and 20 seconds in, the amazing quote you can provide your customer with – giving them as much or as little detail as you like.

And here’s an even shorter video showing a 2-minute renovation!

What is QUICK QUOTE suitable for?

All your typical jobs – standard new builds, extensions, garages and renovations – such as a double storey hip valley extension, apex house, double storey flat roof extension, single storey lean-to, apex gable roof single garage…

And if you have a particularly complex, one-off, non-standard project then you can use the conventional EstimatorXpress which allows you to put together an estimate from scratch – still drawing on the same clever calculators, making the whole job so much easier and accurate than any other type of estimating software.

We call it two-speed estimating.

What does the software literally do?

You give the software the dimensions and your specification preferences and the software will do the rest. Your own personal quantity surveyor stuffed inside your computer!

Our in-house software developers in consultation with experienced builders and up-to-date intelligence, have created calculators that work out every aspect of a build project. For instance, how many bricks are required in any given size of wall, what other materials will be needed to build the wall and how much will be needed, who will build the wall and how long they will take.

What does the estimate include?

Everything! It calculates the lot – your walls, floors, roof, finish, structural openings, doors, windows, internal cavity walls, plastering, decoration, wiring, plumbing, electrics, fitting out, drainage and services, external works, landscaping and subcontract quotations…

It will automatically work out wastage, inflation… the list goes on. You even get 80+ reports to help you every which way – from material lists for the merchant to schedules for the site manager.

But at the end of the day what price will win you the work?

The final figure from the QUICK QUOTE plug-in for EstimatorXpressconsists of proven, accurate timescales, the latest material prices, the industry average rate for labour and so on, with nothing left out. The true cost.

It’s up to you of course what you do next. Will you reduce your price? Will you increase your margin?

In our experience, customers will actually pay more (or rather the accurate price) for a well presented quote that shows the reality in all its detail, and effectively implies that any lower cost might be the result of cutting corners or forgetting something important. Just saying…

We can point you in the direction of building firms who are proud of their prices and win the work on the strength of their accurate, professional-looking HBXL quotes. And have never looked back.

Is the software worth the price?

Well that’s for you to decide. But by our estimation (which we’re good at) if you produced just one quote a week, over a 12-month period your software purchase would cost you around £6 a quote plus however many minutes of your time. Of course, it would be even less if you quote more regularly. Surely it’s worth it to get the job off your desk quickly and in the hands of a customer, with a very real chance of winning the work? You could try out our ROI calculator here.

Then there’s the law of averages… the more you quote the better chance you have of winning the work.

Take it for a spin with our free test drive…

You need to get behind the wheel and experience the speed, the power and quality. First we’ll lend you our very own ‘Stig’. And it goes like this…

  1. They’ll have a chat with you over the phone
  2. Check that your computer is compatible
  3. Remotely install the software onto your computer (clever)
  4. Then take you for a spin, demonstrating a typical estimate, answering questions as you go
  5. When you’re comfortable you can go solo for 14 wonderful days trying it out on different projects – may be even winning work in that time! (You can test drive EstimatorXpress NOW and Quick Quote from mid-June.)
  6. And when you say YES I need this in my life (and why wouldn’t you?) money passes hands and the software becomes yours forever, with 12 months’ fantastic award-winning customer support and updates included.

So there you have it, the best thing we’ve invented since our take-off software… and that’s another story.

The Quick Quote plug-in is now available for purchase.

Give the guys a call on 0117 916 7898 to have a chat, find out about any special introductory offers and to arrange your free test drive.